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    This website is a voluntary effort. If you need proof of this, just go through a lot of the articles here. A lot of them look like notes and a lot of them look like they were patched together at the last minute. In fact, a lot of them show indications of bad editing or no editing at all. Welcome to the real world.

    When we compiled those notes, as part of a traveling band of DJ assistants or as part of an equipment crew, we really didn’t have the time to make our notes pretty. We didn’t have the luxury of passing tour notes through the steady and capable hands of a trained and experienced editor. We didn’t have any of those advantages.


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    I say this not to give you excuses. I say this not to excuse shoddy or low quality content, instead, we just want to point out that this website is all about authenticity. We try to present house music in all its nuances and in all its different versions based on an accurate snapshot of how things really were on the ground. There’s nothing to cover up and there’s nothing to paint in pretty colors.

    There are lots of distortions and complications regarding any kind of human cultural endeavor. We all know this. This is why this place, as messy as it looks, is also a lot of fun. It captures the vibrancy and immediacy of what it’s like to create music on the fly. Is it pretty across the board? Not quite, but there are really sublime spots.

    So if you are interested in really helping us get our act together, as far as the technical aspect of serving up webpages are concerned, please step up. If you click on a link and it leads nowhere, let us know. If you have good ideas regarding better ways to present the information we’re trying to get across, do speak up.

    Please understand that this website is a product of the community— its shape, its direction, its editorial policies. All of these are influenced by the people that we welcome into our digital door every single day. You are part of that group. At the end of the day, this really is a two way conversation. There’s really no other way to describe this website. No other description does it justice.

    However it looks, however it reads, and whatever impression of quality people walk away with, it ultimately comes back to how involved the community is. We want you to become involved. Please look at this website as your own property. Treat it as such.

    If there’s anything wrong, if there’s something off, and if there’s something incomplete, do let us know. Now, we can’t promise that we will get to the bottom of every situation. We cannot promise that we will fix everything right on the spot and right that very second. However, you have our word that if we notice that certain issues keep cropping up again and again, we will resolve those common issues sooner rather than later. Welcome to! Make yourself at home and help us make this electronic dance music resource site the best it can be.

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