The hydromax penis pumps have been doing the rounds quite frequently. After being bombarded with advertisements and social media posts, I decided to give this one a shot. For the past month, I have been using this hydromax penis pump.

To cut a long story short, I was disappointed initially, but when I sat down with the results, I was more than satisfied with the progress.


In this article, I give you an unbiased review of the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump. Read on to find out all its tidbits!


What is this Hydromax Penis Pump?


The Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is a water-based pump that claims to offer 35% more pumping power and performance than any of its competitors. The prime selling point of this pump is that it can give you instant gratification through an instant size boost lasting up to 10 hours.

However, this penis pump is known for its long-lasting long-term effects of increasing the dimensions of the penis through non-surgical means.

Furthermore, water-based pumps have many benefits over air-based ones, so I’d always go for the former.


The Bathmate Hydromax is available in a range of sizes:

  • Hydromax3: Ideal for men with a penis measuring less than 4 inches when erect.
  • Hydromax5: Best for those measuring up to 5 inches when erect.
  • Hydromax7: Ideal for men measuring between 5 and 7 inches.
  • Hydromax9: Designed for hung dudes above 9 inches when erect


Lastly, if you aren’t sure which one to buy, you can always refer to their official website. They have a tool using which you can figure out your ideal size.


But how do the Hydromax Pumps work?


Some of the most valuable things in life have the most straightforward principles.

Similarly, these hydromax penis pumps are straightforward to use. Fill the vessel with water and place your semi erect-penis inside. The super-soft pad at the base creates a snug, comfortable seal.

Once inside, you must pump out the water using the manual pump until you feel a good amount of pressure. This low pressure inside the vessel causes your penis to expand and become more prominent.

Using the pressure valve on top, you can also use the hydromax pump with just a single hand. This also facilitates the sudden release of pressure during emergencies, if any.


For instant boosts, you can pump for 10 mins and have a prolonged visible enlargement for about 8-10 hours. So if you’re planning to get on a date tonight and have a lady to impress, you know what to do!



My 30-day results using the Hydromax Penis pump


I never write a review without thoroughly testing the product myself. I’d like to disclose that I don’t have a tiny penis. My manhood measures about 6 inches when fully erect, but I still wanted to try the Bathmate Hydromax because, well, who wouldn’t like a longer and thicker meat.

I ordered the Bathmate Hydromax 7, and it arrived in 9 days.


I was nervous about using this sex toy pump as I had never used a water-based pump before. However, I decided to proceed anyway. The Hydromax penis pumps feel sturdy in hand, and I was pretty impressed with the build quality.

I followed the instructions and decided to give it a try in my warm tub. The warm water felt incredible as I gently slid my soft penis inside. I realized it is better to have a light pre-bath before starting the procedure. This helps get your willy accustomed to the temperature and loosens up your scrotum skin.

As I pumped out the water, the pressure began to build. It was a fun experience as I felt blood gushing into my penis.

Overall, I found it easy to use and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.


But does it work?

The answer is an absolute YES!

  • The instant “boost” claim is friggin real! After just 10-mins of use, I got a visible increase in size and girth. My penis looked bigger and more “full” for quite some time. Even though I lost the boner after a while, my manhood felt bigger for a few hours.
  • Because of this sudden size boost, I could also feel my confidence surging.
  • Also, this could be a placebo, but I did feel a heightened sensation on my penis after using the pump.


Would I recommend the Bathmate Hydromax Pump?


The Bathmate hydromax delivers everything it promises. Having a sturdy, durable design and harnessing the power of water-based suction, this penis pump grows your penis from within. Using this toy, you not only get an instant pump for those quick sessions but also get stable, permanent growth.


After using this sex toy for 30 days, I have gained 0.5 inches in length, so yes, I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a genuine enlargement pump.


So go ahead and get your Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump at this website without wasting any more time. Trust me; you will thank me later.