There are lots of apps for anti-theft or phone recovery on the Google Play Store that could be valuable in case you want to locate wie handy orten, even worse, a stolen device. But many people got to find out that those apps are available after they lost their device. At that time, there is nothing that can be done to retrieve the phone and they have to face the bitter truth that the mobile device is gone for good.

To track a lost Android phone it typically still needs to access a working internet connection in order to transmit its exact spot. To get a precise location, it should have access to an active Wi-Fi network. Regardless of your situation, we will talk about the most popular options as well as more out of the box techniques to retrieve your lost phone.

Find My Device is the recognized and easy-to-use tool by Google to locate your lost tablet or android phone. The amazing thing about it that you don’t need to set up an app to be able to locate your devices. The only condition is that the Android phone is linked to your Google account, switched on and must have internet connectivity. The only thing you have to do is to visit the Find My Device website while being active on your Google Account. Once the site comes up, it will automatically try to spot the location of your lost phone. If you have numerous Android devices registered, ensure that the right one is selected in the menu.

In a recent model, Google incorporated some of the functions into their search results page. This implies that you are able to quickly to track any registered Android device by perusing the search results. By inputting the search phrase “where is my phone”, Google will reveal a little map close to the search results through which it will attempt to locate your lost Android phone. When found, you can trigger the alarm by clicking on “Ring”.

Although you can conveniently find your lost phone quickly, it won’t provide all the options you get with the complete function of Find My Device.

By using it, you are able to trace the location of your registered Android devices, trigger the alarm of your phone and erase your phone’s data (which has to be activated on your phone). Asides that, Find Your Device doesn’t provide more options to remote control your lost device. I hope that Google keeps advancing its features and introduces more valuable features, for instance, taking a selfie of the individual using it in the event that it got stolen.

If you don’t have a laptop around when you lose your cellphone, you can also use another person phone to track it. In place of the mobile browser, you can decide to use the app known as Find My Device. You could sign in using your Google account credentials and guest mode. Now you should be able to trace the location of your lost device by wiping its data or trigger the alarm.